Reviews of The Best Gold IRA Companies 2017

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5 of the best Gold IRA Companies you Could ever Trust with your Retirement Money

Now you can choose an IRA  that will offer you a Safe Haven For Your Retirement In Times of Economic Turbulence

by reading Our Unbiased and In-depth Reviews

of Only the Elite Companies.

Dear Investor
The economy is seriously shaky, the stock market is extremely volatile, and more than ever before there is great threat of hyperinflation in our economy today.
When you combine these horrible factors, you have every reason to be worried about your retirement age, by this I mean your future. However, if you are thinking of a viable investment or a place that’s guaranteed to put your retirement savings, it’s a good thing to think of an individual retirement account (IRA) that’s highly secure and won’t lose its value.
Gold Value Over the Years
Over the years gold has been appreciating in value; therefore, when you invest in it you are sure that you are investing in a commodity that doesn’t have a history of depreciating in value, unlike stock market with severe bulls (ups) and bears (downs), a Gold IRA Rollover is viable & consistent investment which offer strong assurance in diversifying your investments to avoid “putting all your eggs in a single insecure basket”

Adding Gold and Silver to your IRA is a smart investment decision, but also a risky venture if you don’t know how to avoid the various Gold scams out there.

A lot of senior citizens have lost thousands with fraudulent companies by making the wrong choice and failing to pick a reliable and trustworthy Gold IRA Company.

And of course you don’t want to fall into one of these traps and lose thousands of your hard earned savings .

But How Could you pick up a Trusted Company to deal with ?

We’ve solved this grave problem for you by implementing a holistic and unique strategy using our FIVE Cardinal Methodology as a rule of thumb.
Here is How we proceeded in Selecting the Best Companies


More than Fifty Reputable Gold IRA custodians are hunted from search engines like google and review website such as yelp based on their BBB, BCA and TRUSTLINK ratings .


we look at their complaints profile within a specific period of time and the first twenty firms with less complaints are retained .


We proceed with thorough investigation from our end and the number of selected custodians screened further to thirteen .


We contact all the companies as secret clients and made enquiries on general packages such as tax penalties, storage fees etc .

End Result

We compile our report and offer you no-holds-barred analysis of the top rated Gold IRA Companies without any form of favor or bias to any party .

Learn how to Avoid the Various Gold Scams and be safe with your Retirement Money, Click here to Get your Free Report .
What Should you Expect from a Reliable Gold IRA Company ?

Listen, communicate & educate

A good Rollover firm will take their time to listen to your situation, rub mind with you and thereafter offer professional service.

Provide safety net for your Investment Portfolio.

The uncertainty with worldwide economies and Current decline in the United States economy, a reliable gold IRA firm will help protect your funds and really improve the returns you observe in your investments since gold has always performed well when all other kinds of investments and money falter or fail.

Avoid Tax Penalty during Rollover

This firm will Roll over your existing Individual Retirement Account into a Gold IRA without any tax penalties.

Work directly with Custodians

There firms will be happy to take all the burden and hassles of searching and dealing with a custodian instead of you. They will get your case in front of the best licensed custodians who specifically deal with precious metals investments.

Flat & Inexpensive Fees

Regardless of the quality of their services, a good Gold IRA Rollover firm will not include hidden charges in their offer or jerk-up price upon updating the quantity of your precious metals in your portfolio.

Highly Secured, Allocated & Guaranteed Storage.

These firms will ensure that your treasured metals are properly filed, preserved under a favorable condition (Segregated not Commingled), as well as safeguarded in one of the most secured vaults in the world.

Making the Right Decision
It Is Equally Crucial For You To Understand The Criteria For Choosing The Right Company To Work With So As To Make An Informed And Open-Minded Decision.

Before we reveal the Five Top Companies we Have carefully chosen for you to expedite your search, it is highly advisable that you strictly abide by the Following steps if you want to make sure that you are on the right path.

Go Only with the Most Reputable Company
Your first duty is to select a company with a sterling reputation and that is much trusted by industry watchdogs like Better Business Bureau, Business Consumer Alliance and .
BBB rates companies on a scale of A+ to F, so Picking up one with an A+ and minimum complaints is a no brainer.
Business Consumer Alliance, Rates Companies from AAA the highest to F the lowest.
On the Trustlink, clients rate companies 1 to 5 stars, and the result is an average of all the reviewers’ ratings, so the larger the number of reviews, the more significant is the rating. 
Choosing a company that combines the highest ratings with the aforementioned authorities is a good starting point to continue your search.
Beware of Aggressive Sales Tactics !!
You should definitely avoid companies that urge you to buy numismatics or rare coins, unless you are VERY experienced and understand the risks.

If you ever feel pressured by a salesperson, especially regarding “limited edition” coins or “proofs”, the best thing to do is hang up the phone immediately.

Select A Company with Flat Fees.
Résultat de recherche d'images pour "flat ira fees"
Compare the pricing structure of these companies and go only with one that charges a flat annual admin and storage fee .

Signing up with a company that charges scaled annual fees will cost you thousands of dollars over 10 to 15 years.

On the other hand, a company that charges a clear and flat fee ensures that when you choose to invest in more metals , you won’t have to pay extra fees .

Look for a Fully Insured and Segregated Storage.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "gold storage"

Commingled Storage is a risky way to store your metals in a custodial account. When your gold is  commingled with other clients’ positions, the bars or coins you initially bought  may not be the same ones returned to you.

In a fully segregated storage, the metals you get at delivery time are still the same exact ones you purchased initially. You can stay assured to take delivery or audit your metals at any time, without any risk of encountering foreign coins or bars.

Are they properly licensed based on IRS requirements ?
Image associéeKnow that you can only host your self-directed IRA under an IRS approved precious metals custodian. According to IRS Publication 590, there are certain specific requirements a firm needs to fulfill to become an IRS authorized custodian.
Choose a Company that Offers a Buy back program.
Is a Silver or Gold buy back program offered by the company?

When you decide to liquidate your precious metals, just what happens?

You want to make sure that you are comfortable and totally at ease in your dealings with a Gold IRA company both when you purchase, as well as when you wish to liquidate your assets.

How Supportive are they to your Needs.
Will they follow up with you once you make that initial investment?

This is a very important question to ask, so do your homework first, you may still have questions and nobody likes to speak to machines; especially when their assets are at stake..

Drawbacks and Decisions
Now that you know what to look for when making your choice, you have to learn about the five frequent Pitfalls associated with gold and silver IRA companies.

Knowing about these drawbacks or  pifalls will guarantee you avoid a lot of troubles and worries at the end of the day.

  • Pitfall 2

    Companies offering No Buy Back Program that hinder you from liquidating your metals when you seriously need their cash value.

  •  Pitfall 1 

    You will find that a lot of companies don’t disclose their exact fee structure; even if they have good trust signs and reputation.  These obscure fee structues may cost you extra money when you reach a certain threshold.

    Don’t hesitate to ask about the exact fees for now and the future

  • Pitfall 4

    Companies which are unclear about your precious metals storage in a custodial account, or don’t tell you exactly about future charges for the storage of your assets.

  • Pitfall 3

    Companies in which customer service is absent after you purchase or which use deceptive sales tactics.

    Check that the emphasis is on your requirements, rather than on sales pressure, and that the staff have a good grasp of the subject, including market conditions. Also find out whether you can expect ongoing support

  • Pitfall 5

    Companies which pay commissions to their sales representatives if they sell you specific coins that have higher profit margins ,not to your advantage.

Top 5 Gold IRA Companies Compared
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Why Trust Regal Assets to Take Care of your Retirement Money ?

Trusted Reputation

As a customer-focused company, Regal Assets are a proud member of  Better Business Bureau with an A+rating, which reflects their commitment to superior customer service and value for every customer. To check Better Business Bureau report click here.

Steadfast Reliability

Regal Assets’s dedication to top-notch customer service satisfaction shows in a AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance, which has received no complaints about Regal Assets. Read the Business Consumer Alliance report on Regal here.

1st for 7 years

Regal Assets has maintained it’s position as the Highest Rated Precious Metals IRA Company for seven consecutive years in a Row. Regal implements the Highest ethic standards in dealing with their clients and by keeping them satisfied first and foremost.

5 Star Service

Regal Assets works hard to ensure every client has a 5-star experience when using their services. The Company’s team is highly focused on providing an unparalleled level of service to each and every customer. Read satisfied client testimonials at
7 Distinct Advantages Brought to You by the Experts at Regal Assets

Having a non-pushy sales approach. Unlike many companies who try to push their clients into proof coins and numismatics because they yield higher profits, Regal’s strict focus is on high purity bullion approved by the IRS for IRA investing.

Segregated and Fully Allocated Storage. Regal provides segregated storage at no extra charge. This means your gold is held separately, and on distribution you get back the exact metals you purchased, not just the value.
First Year Free of Charge. Regal Assets waives all first year’s dues altogether, and charges just a flat annual fee of $100 administration and $150 storage. The end result, more money in your pocket.
7 Days Delivery Guaranteed. Your precious metals order will be in the depository within 7 days, and if it’s even one day late, you are compensated with an American Eagle silver coin.

Great Buy-Back Program. Regal can buy back your metals at any business day of the week and have funds in your possession with 24 hours of sale.
100% Customer Satisfaction. Putting customers first and providing all the necessary education to make sure the customer is 100% comfortable moving forward with their investment.

99% 5-Star Ratings
At, 98% of Regal Assets’s participating clients consistently give personal account executives the highest possible satisfaction rating: 5 stars
Companies that did not Make our List for 2017
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Amongst all the gold IRA companies we reviewed and studied, Regal Assets stands out by itself for being the Top Rated Precious Metals IRA in the whole industry.

Here is what you Will Get with Regal

First company in the entire precious metals industry to offer a live video tape of when your metals arrive at the depository for retirement accounts

Segregated storage to insure your metals are separate and not commingled

Your retirement account has the option to be stored overseas without taxes or penalties

7-day guarantee on shipping for retirement accounts and direct purchases to give you peace of mind on your transaction

Buy back your metals at any business day of the week and have funds in your possession within 24 hours of sale

An experienced team that is looking to answer all your questions and provide clarity without being pushy or aggressive

Regal Assets will answer all of your questions.

They will guide you through the entire process without trying to push you into any type of gold investment plots.
Their adage is customer comes first and foremost.
They will also take the time to educate you on the ins and outs of precious metals investing since this is YOUR retirement money.

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