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Apmex Inc. also known as American Precious Metals Exchange, Inc. was founded by Mr. Scott Thomas in 2001 who serves as president and chairman of the company. The company has expanded to trading precious metal products in the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe. Apmex has been in business for over 15 years and has an unmatched choice with more than 10000 products to choose from.
APMEX is one of the leading websites on the internet that offer a wide collection of cheap silver bullion, coins and bars. You can securely buy your silver bullion collection (including Silver Chinese Pandas, Silver American Eagles, Silver Canadian Maple Leaf, Morgan Silver Dollars just to name a few), silver rounds, silver bars, and silver coins. You will definitely find whatever type of known silver at the most affordable price at American Precious Metal Exchange.

Better Business Bureau

BBB asserts that American Precious Metals Exchange qualify and meet BBB accreditation standards, and the factors include an obligation to offer unflinching and timely effort to resolve customers’ complaints.Differently from all other companies, APMEX received a total of 30 complaints in the last three years which is really a scarry number. Fortunately, all of these complaints were timely resolved and all customers were totally satisfied with the treatment they received from the Customer’s Support department.


Business Consumer Alliance

The business consumer Alliance accredited APMEX with AAA rating and this company has received zero complaints in the last six years. This rating is the goal of any business being the highest rating any company can aspire to get from this Industry watchdog.


American Precious Metals Exchange, Inc. (APMEX) bagged 5/5 excellent ratings from one customer’s review. Trust Link is one of the leading industry accreditation platform in the world and you can only find reputable firm with excellent rating on this platform.


APMEX has 9.6/10 on trustpilot based on 6279 positive reviews which is the highest number in the whole industry.

Google +

AMPEX is having 4.4 Stars rating (4.4 / 5) based on 5 reviews from their customers, four of the customers leave 5-Star Rating while one of leave 4-star rating.

Apmex Complaints

In any real business complaints either genuine or insincere aren’t inevitable but the response rate and the help offer by the Company, business or brand will definitely go a long way to assuage the plight of the complainant. To make sure that this company had a clean track record, we researched other complaints boards .

To our satisfaction, they had zero complaints filed with these agencies as well, and nowhere I could find anything negative about them.

Ripoff Report: 0 complaints.

Complaintsboard.com: 0 complaints.

How the Rollover works with Apmex ?

The process is now straight forward and can be easily completed with the aid of an experienced account team . An account manager will be assigned to you and this person will be working with you throughout the process of this account rollover. However, you need to do your due diligence, as APMEX doesn’t manage the custodial part of your IRA Rollover, and all goes to your chosen custodian, the fact thatwill require extra work and research from your part.
You can check below to see the company we recommend and the reasons why we recommend them.

Apmex.com Under the Radar !

When we contacted American Precious Metals Exchange (APMEX) we were redirected to J. Carter, a pleasant Representative who was willing to professionally answer all our enquiries with high level of empathy and poise
Here are more details from this call:

She asked if I had worked with apmex before and if I already have a custodian or if I was just looking for general information.

I explained that the reason for my call was to roll over my 401k from my previous company to gold or silver.

She responded that when it comes to precious metals IRA, you would have an account with apmex but you would also have a custodian. Which custodian you would have would be up to you. The fees for storage we don’t know. It would all depend on which one you use.

So your company does not facilitate that part of it, what service does your company provide?

Jennifer responded that they would only provide the metals. We are not an IRA approved storage facility.  We do not store the metals here so you would need a custodian because through an IRA you cannot take possession of the metals yourself.

How long would the process take after a custodian was selected and the metals are shipped to the custodian?

Jennifer: How we work is that when you have an account with us and an account with the custodian and it is funded with funds from your IRA, we would do a conference call to confirm the amount of funds you have to send and you would place the order for the metal.

Since the funds are already there, the metals would ship out in a couple of days to the custodian for holding.

Where would the metals be stored?

With the custodian you select.

What kind of fees does your company charge to facilitate this?

Jennifer: We don’t charge any fees. We just work with the custodian and facilitate the purchasing of the precious metals.

On our website there is a great section of frequently asked questions and one of them is the list of custodians that we work with all the time. There are 6 listed there.

When your company purchases the gold and silver, there is a premium. What is your percentage?

Jennifer: The metals that you would buy is already here. We have our own vault so we don’t have to buy from somewhere else. The prices that you would pay are the same prices listed on the website even through an IRA. There is a price for the metal on the market and there is a premium. What that premium is depends on what metal you are purchasing, how much and the market at the time. That is constantly moving.

I guess that is about all I can ask you since you are not the custodian?

Jennifer: For right now, the next thing that you have to do is select a custodian. People choose them by their location, by their cost or whatever. It is up to you.

Company Pros

It was named among the best 20 financial companies in 2013. It has also been featured on many reputable business magazines such as Forbes.
No-hidden charges Consumers can see the sell price as well as the buy price.
No transaction caps: You can buy coins below $20 as well as bullion that comes with price tags in the six figures for larger gold bars. No price restrictions.
Free shipping: Customers get free shipping on domestic orders starting from $99 or more.
Real-Time Pricing: APMEX updates the most recent spot price for precious metals every minute of the day.
Easy product sorting: Despite providing Holistic Gold Investment with extensive collection of products, APMEX has devised easy sorting that permits customers to compare products (bars Vs Coins), check weight, manufacturer and other important measures.
For all and even Seniors:- This gold and precious metal investment company is best for retirees, savers and speculators.

Company Cons

There is a high number of complaints on the BBB, and this seems to be one of the top red flags to new investors in the Gold IRA.
They don’t have a high number of reviews on the trustlink website.
You should look for your own IRA custodian to be able to invest with Apmex .

My Final Thoughts on Apmex Group Review

Gold is truly one of the best things you can invest in 2016 and beyond. Its value has consistently increased in the last 10 years, it has a limited supply and endless uses. You need a varied portfolio, so consider using some of your money to invest in gold. Don’t make Rash decisions about investing in gold or precious metals until you do your due diligence, however we recommend a firm with wide catalogue of products with the best pricing in the market.
It is hard to find any fault with APMEX, since it offers extensive collection of amazing products at reasonable costs, step by step Rollover support, fast shipping, and private storage if so desired. The only real disadvantage would be that there is no offshore storage solution offered, because we are convinced that offshore storage constitutes the utmost Risk in protection for your precious metals.
If after your personal research you can’t figure out the best, reliable and Most efficient Gold IRA company to invest your hard earned income in, please we recommend American Precious Metals Exchange (APMEX), But remember to leave your feedback and share your story to give others confidence and investment direction.

Which Company do we Recommend and Why?

Amongst all the gold IRA companies we reviewed and studied, Regal Assets stands out by itself for being the Top Rated Precious Metals IRA in the whole industry.

low and flat IRA fees,

assets liquidation in as less as 48 hours,

the fastest processing time and a free IRA account setup.

Regal Assets will answer all of your questions. They will guide you through the entire process without trying to push you into any type of gold investment plot.

Their adage is customer comes first and foremost.

They will also take the time to educate you on the ins and outs of precious metals investing since this is YOUR retirement money.

When you call, you will be directed to an expert accountant representative who will answer every phone call or email from going forward.



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