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Blanchard Gold Review

Founded in 1975, Blanchard’s maintains its headquarters in New Orleans with an office in Dallas, and consists of eighty-five rare metal specialists focused on cultivating long-term wealth for clients. In the last three years, Blancahrd earned over $1 billion in sales. That speaks volumes about their ability to produce, sustain, and satisfy clients.

Blanchard Gold Ratings

 The company qualifies as beyond trustworthy with a blanchard gold BBB rating of A+ , the highest in the industry

The company has a BCA rating of BBB and zero complaints at the time of this review.

The company qualifies poorly with a bad one star rating on Trustlink

Blanchard Gold Complaints

We have found several complaints throughout the web accusing Blanchard gold for pushy sales pitches, unprofessional buy back program and no follow up after purchase.

BBB Complaints :

One complaint in the past 3 years blaming Blanchard for their aggressive pushy salesmanship and 30-40% markup on numismatic coins.The complainer implicitly alleged their agents for Not being honest about price of coins.

Ripoff Report :

2 complaints stating that blanchard charges high premium over the spot price of gold. :

Blanchard got a 1.6 rating based on six negative reviews from unsatisfied clients, all protesting against the high premiums they were charged. Clients also warned against trusting Blanchard sales pitches for rare coins.

Our Phone Call Experience with Blanchard Gold

Here are more details from this call

We handle the brokerage part of it.  You would actually work with a company called Goldstar Trust who we have worked with for 25 years  Goldstar would set up the account and handle the custodian part.  Basically, they would help you roll the funds over to their trust, and once the funds are there and in place, then we would come into the picture.

Goldstar would give us the amount that was available and, at that point, we would call you and discuss with you the products that are available to be placed in the IRA based on the amount of funds you have and then we would lock in the order.

It has to be held by a third party, so we would ship it to the depository we use which is Delaware Depository

Their recommend a minimum investment of $5,000 for an IRA

Goldstar Trust – we have worked with them for the past 25 years

Goldstar has a maintenance fee of $60.00 charged once a year based on the time that you start the account and they do an annual storage fee based on calendar year which just got adjusted to $100.00 for up to 99 ounces.

This is a flat fee.  If you have larger amounts of metals, they usually use a formula.  You can find out about it on their website.  The most it can ever be is $250.00 for everything

No as long as you follow the time line of 60 or 90 days you shouldn’t have any problems

It is usually commingled, but if you want it to be segregated you can pay extra to have that done.  You can confirm that with them but as far as I know it is automatically commingled

Yes you can access and track your account online and they do send you either quarterly or semi annual statements

You can either contact me for general questions or Goldstar for tax questions.  They have an investor services department on staff

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Company Pros

  • High ratings with BBB

  • Company has been in the industry for over 25 years

Company Cons

  • They don’t have a high number of reviews on the trustlink website as well as getting over 9 negative reviews about pushy sales representatives, Rare coins schemes and high premiums

  • You have to pay extra money to get yor metals segregated and fully allocated

The Bottom Line

Going through the ratings and reviews of Blanchard Gold, we conclude that they require more work to win more attention in the marketplace. In addition,  the company charges an extra fee on segregated storage, which is a bit daunting knowing that other competitors with higher ratings offer the same feature with no extras. While there is no sign of scam or fraud related  to the company’s reputation, We still recommend you do your due diligence and compare Blanchard Gold with other top gold IRA custodians that we have reviewed to see which one best meets your options.

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