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California Numismatic Investments’ online catalog comprises silver, gold, platinum, palladium coins and bars, besides rhodium bars and other kinds of rare coins. The company encourages clients to put up their own precious metals IRA’s via one of their preferred IRA custodians.

CNI Ratings

 CNI has BBB accreditation ever since 1981. It currently enjoys an A+ rating on the site

The company has a AAA rating, with no complaints received by the BCA against CNI ever since the company became its charter member in 1981

CNI enjoys an average 3 star rating on TrustLink. And that’s primarily for the mixed customer reviews on the site. While there are a few customers who aren’t apparently pleased with the company, there are a couple who vouch by the company’s sales team

City search CNI has a 5-star rating on the site thanks to the two positive customer reviews. Both the customers have raved about the company’s domain knowledge and excellent service.

Yelp : The company has 25 reviews registered on Yelp, with an average rating of 4.0 Complaints

BBB Complaints

CNI has one closed complaint with BBB in the past twelve months, it’s about a lady who had her package delivered uninsured and was stolen. The lady reported that there was no signature confirmation required for her to get the package, and that USPS simply dropped it off outside her front door in plain view and unconcealed. CNI apologised for this inconvenience and refunded the lady. The complaint stands resolved as of date.

Yelp Complaints

 On Yelp, there are about six complaints from 25 reviews. I could notice that the complainers had almost the same issues; customer service and rude behaviour from sales agents. What intrigued me most is that everytime someone filed a negative comment, Mr Richard S, the company’s owner, responded apologetically and tried to resolve it with the client in a friendly and humble voice.

Trustlink Complaints

On Trustlink, there are three complaints out of five reviews. Again,  the clients seemed very unhappy with the rudeness they were treated with from sales reps, and this naturally hurts CNI’s reputation among the competition.

Gold Dealer Reviews Complaints

 On, it’s always the same story. This time, four clients oppose the impolite way they were addressed with, and this gives more proof that you may by your turn meet crude sales reps who will give you a disappointing experience.

Our Phone Call Experience with

We contacted by telephone through their toll free number. The call was answered by a man who did not identify himself other than to say that I had reached but seemed pleasant enough on the phone.

I requested to speak to someone to help roll over a 401k to precious metals.  The person who answered the phone assured me that he could help me.

Here are more details from this call

He confirmed that they could help to set me up. They do business with the trust fund that does the precious metal IRA and they would be the ones who would answer any questions on how to roll it over. He then proceeded to tell me how to access the website and find the section that lists the various trust funds they work with.
Of the list that I would find on that page, he indicated the one that they worked with the most (New Directions IRA) and gave me their toll free number. He also provided the name of the person he worked with (Marsha) and her extension.
He indicated that they would help me with all the forms that would need to be filled out, etc. Then when my account was established and funded through New Directions IRA (if that is the one I chose) I could call him back up and tell him my account was established and how much it was funded for and he could take my order. The money would go to and they will “ship the material to the depository”.
Several times throughout the conversation, I tried to ask a question and he continued speaking as if I didn’t say a word. This company is just the dealer for the precious metals itself.

No long. Probably within a week or two at the most

The name of the depository is CNT. (He directed me to the website section to find information on the depository). After prompting for the location of CNT he indicated they were located in Massachusetts

That is your choice.  If you want to segregate it you will pay a little more which is usually targeted for collectibles unless they are just general collectibles.  If the collectibles are common then they don’t have to be segregated.  If the collectibles are particularly special, you want to make sure you get the ones that you bought and not any others.

With a comingled account you get back out what you put in.  It might not be the same exact one but it will be a “like” bar

That information is in all the materials when you deal with each entity

California Numismatic Investments motivates its customers to start a precious metals IRA account via any of its recommended IRA custodians – Equity International (Sterling Trust), GoldStar Trust Company, and New Direction IRA – New Direction being Numismatic Investments’ preferred custodian. Therefore, the expenses relating to buying IRA-eligible expensive metals from the company and putting them into an IRA would hinge on the chosen custodian and their annual fees

Anything we have is on the website and if you have any questions I can help you

Company Pros

  • The company has had its fair share of loyal customers over the years, with quite a few returning back to the company after having shifted to a local dealer hoping for increased convenience

  • The company supposedly has expert macro-economic insight and the role gold plays in the pool. CNI’s executives not just present market facts, but also offer in-depth market analysis

  • CNI has been often considered the ideal bullion dealer in Arizona, Nevada, and California. The prices offered by the company are competitive too. The coin quality is excellent and shipping time is on par with industry standards

Company Cons

  • There have been reported instances when some customers have found the shipped coins to be dingy and scuffed

  • CNI sales agent replied with a general tone tha did not precisely answer our questions

The Bottom Line

Based on our extended research into CNI’s background and their online reputation, we can’t say anything negative except what has been said by customers in different review boards; our unfriendly phone call with their agent confirms what past clients just complained about. Except that, the company is still a big player in the precious metals business and have their own loyal customers and top ratings from industry watchdogs.

We advise you to do your due diligence and compare CNI Golddealer with other top rated gold rollover companies we have reviewed so far to see which one best pleazes your choice.

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