Goldworth Financial Review

Goldworth Financial Review

Located in Woodland Hills, California, the company started business in 1999 as a full-service precious metals company that specializes in the importing, acquisition and selling of investment-grade metals, they also help investors with different IRA account rollovers to precious metals.
Goldworth claims that you can purchase a variety of metals without high foreign exchange rate mark-ups, that’s because they have direct access to European markets from which they import their metals.

Goldworth Financial Ratings

 Goldworth Financial has an A+ rating with the BBB and has had no complaints filed  in the past 12 months.

Furthermore, Goldworth Financial has been a BBB accredited business since 1999, the year the business was incorporated

Business Consumer Alliance has likewise awarded Goldworth Financial the highest rating possible, AAA. This means that there is no cause for the BCA to distrust the company’s credibility

Trustlink provides no rating or customer reviews for Goldworth Financial

Goldworth Financial Complaints

Goldworth Financial has an overall clean reputation. At the time of this review, the company has no complaints lodged against it on any customer review board. I checked BBB,,, and BCA, and none of these agencies has anything bad to say about the company .

Our Phone Call Experience with Goldworth

When we contacted Goldworth Financial, an agent called Ashley took the call.The man was friendly and answered all of our questions with details and clarity. Mr Ashley was transparent and walked us smoothly throughout the whole conversation

Here are more details from this call

If you are just switching from one to another, a 401k to an IRA you don’t incur any type of penalties.

There are 3 parties involved when dealing with a Gold IRA.

We will be the company/dealer that puts the metals into your account.
The custodian will be New Direction IRA.

The depository will be First State Depository which is located in Delaware. FSD is backed up by Lloyds of London. Alternatively, you can have the metals delivered to you at your home

What separates us from other outfits is that we are not a retailer, we are not an inventory dealer we are not a coin shop, we are a bonded importer of precious metals. We have been in business for over 17 years and we have 0 complaints with the Better Business Bureau

The depository will be First State Depository which is located in Delaware

The metals are never co-mingled. You will have your own segregated account

The way the fees are broken down is to open up an account with New Direction, which is a one time set up fee of $50 plus an annual record keeping fee of $75.

There will also be a standard processing fee of $40.There will be a storage fee with First State Depository which is $125 per year.

The $125 covers you up to $125,000 worth of metals. After this amount, it is $1 per $1,000.

Goldworth Financial will take care of the storage fee for the first year with the depository and the set up fee of $50.

Once the metals are transferred from the exchange to the depository you will get a reimbursement cheque from Goldworth Financial

Annually the recurring fees will be $200

Because you are considering a retirement account, you want to be a little bit more conservative. If you put silver into a retirement account, you can see fluctuations, so a lot of our clients tend to go with an 85% to 15% ratio of gold/silver.

I don’t know if you know this but here in (not sure the name of the place he mentioned) the government is going to eventually nationalize IRAs and 401Ks in the near future. In my opinion it is probably going to happen by the end of 2016 where the government is going to give you the option or roll over your IRA into what is called a GRA. A GRA is a Guaranteed Retirement Account where the government will borrow your money and put it into a bond where you will get 3% return, whereas you would really need at least a 7 – 9% return just to keep up with inflation.

If anything were to happen to you, it does not go to your beneficiaries and there is no type of tax deduction. A lot people are concerned with this new type of program because the government knows there is 21 trillion dollars out there and our country has 19 trillion dollars in debt. So the first thing they do is go after people’s retirement accounts as well as the gold.

The IRS does allow certain types of metals into your retirement account that are exempt from any type of metal recall.

Yes, if you need any help, just contact me

Yes everything can be tracked right on the website

Company Pros

  • The company is reputable and has a good standing position with Better Business Bureau and Business Consumer Alliance

  • They have no complaints on their profile

  • They offer a fully Segregated Metals Storage at the First State Depository in Delaware, which guarantees your assets are not commingled with others’ possessions

  • Their IRA Admin and Storage Fees are flat and reasonable compared to other Gold IRA Companies

  • Their customer service is excellent and you can expect wise guidance and ongoing support

Company Cons

  • They have no reviews on the Trustlink which gives no idea about past customers experiences

  • They don’t deal with IRA Rollovers directly, which may put you in many difficulties contacting their custodian and rolling over by yourself then have Goldworth to buy the metals for you

  • Their website doesn’t give any information about the IRA fees and storage fees which are vital to know

The Bottom Line

Investing in a gold IRA requires more than just looking at the company’s ratings and accreditations; even though this is important, you’ll still have to see if they specialise in this type of investment in order for you to avoid any potential troubles. In the case of Goldworth Financial, they don’t specialise in IRA Rollovers to precious metals, they are just the dealer who will fund your account, so you will need to go through the process with another custodian which is time consuming

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