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Platinum offers a tangible and solid venture when the economy is experiencing lots of uncertainty. With the limited supply of platinum in the world today, analysts have suggested that the prices are likely to rise exponentially in the future. There are several types of platinum bullion in the market today:one of the most valuable precious metals due to its tangible and secure nature .

American Eagle Platinum Coin

The Platinum American Eagle, which was designed by John M. Mercanti, became the number one platinum bullion in the world due to its scarcity. It was produced by the U.S government in 1997.
The one-ounce platinum coin illustrates the highest face value ($100) ever to appear on a U.S. minted coin.The American Eagle Platinum Coins are approved by the IRS to be held in a precious metals IRA.

Platinum Canadian Maple

The coin which comes with a portrait of Queen Elizabeth the second has a purity of up to 99.95%. Platinum Maple Leafs (BU & Proof) First appeared in 1988, the Maple Leaf Platinum of the Royal Canadian Mint is considered as one of the purest platinum coins in the market today. It is a hot commodity and easily negotiable .

Australian Koala

The front of this famous bullion coin features the Queen of Australia, Australia Platinum CoinsElizabeth II and the reverse features the Australian Koala bear, it was produced in 1988 by the Perth Mint. The platinum Australian Koala bullion coin has a purity of 99.95% and is useful to investors and collectors who plan to invest in small purchases .