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Silver is one of the most valuable precious metals due to its tangible and secure nature. One of the factors why you should purchase silver bullion over others is that the coins are small making them easy to store. In addition, they are cost-effective when considering adding them to investment portfolios .

Silver American Eagle

This coin was introduced in the year 1986 by the U.S government. The outstanding characteristic is that it has a high purity of up to 99.9% pure silver making it be among the most highly recognized bullion. People should invest in this bullion because it has a prospect of increasing in price in the near future.Speculations have suggested that prices could even go beyond $49.45 which is the highest price to have been recorded. The design of this coin is also outstanding since it incorporates the beautiful image of Walking Liberty .

Silver Canadian Maples

This is another popular coin due to its 99.99% purity. With the same reverse design as that of the gold Canadian Maple Leaf, it presents a beautiful portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. The coin became a property of the Canadian government in the year 1931. This is the reason the government assures the best level of purity, legal tender value and weight of each bullion coin .

Silver Austrian Phiharmonic

This pure coin was minted by the 800 years of age Australian Mint in 2008.
Each coin has a diameter of 1.457 and has 1 troy oz pure silver. Its purity accounts of up to 99.99% pure silver. The coin has an attractive appearance since it features a mixture of cellos, string bass, a bassoon, violins, Viennese horn and harp. The image of the Great Organ is also found on the reverse side of this coin.

Australian Kookaburra

These coins contain the portrait of Ian Rank Broadley of Queen Elizabeth the second. The Perth Mint was the first producer of the Australian bullion coin 1 kl. Silver Australian Kookaburrain the year 1988. The scarcity of this one kilo coin makes it be of a higher value than others. It is also known for its 99.99% purity.

Australian Koala

Just like the 1 kilo Australian Kookaburra, the coin has the portrait of Ian Rank Broadley. The Koala that is found on the reverse side of the coin has been changed on yearly basis due to the high popularity
among silver investors and coin collectors. The 99.99% purity of the coin is also a notable characteristic that makes it attain its high status .

10 oz Silver bar

The bars are usually minted in the U.S and also in various parts of the world. They are appropriate for investment because they require low premium in comparison to spot silver. Their high purity of 100 oz. Silver Barup to 99.99% and liquidity make them favorable for investors. They are easy to handle and can be bought in large amounts.

100 oz Silver bar

These bars are also minted in the U.S and in other countries. Just like the 10 oz bar, they also come at a lower premium when comparing them to the spot silver. They are very liquid since they are recognized across the globe. With a high purity of 99.99% pure silver, investors can use it to store their wealth .