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Regal Assets Review


Regal Assets is a Gold trading firm that’s well known to investors and financial professionals because of their superior status that was earned several years ago from excellent customer service and delivery of values. As we all know gold is a vital retirement asset that any smart investor can buy from a reputable gold IRA firm.

And you will see in this review, how Regal Assets’ team is helping thousands of Americans secure private investments or roll 401k retirement plans into Gold IRAs.

Regal Assets headquarters are based in Waco, Texas, however their main office is located in Burbank, CA. Interested international Customers can also reach them on the Trade Floor in Los Angeles as well as in London.

Company Background

Regal Assets was founded in 2003, and has quickly established an authority in the Gold IRA industry as well as a top-notch reputation among America’s gold dealers due to their exceptional customer service and their 99% client’s satisfaction.
Regal Assets buys and sells physical gold, silver, platinum and palladium bullion bars and coins, they also specialize in offering superlative assistance to investors for the seamless transfer and fast rollover of their IRA/401ks into IRS’ approved precious metals.

Company Reputation

Regal Assets has received awesome feedback from three major industry watchdogs in the Gold Industry.


After doing extensive research on how to save my investing gold and reviewing a dozen companies,I found that Regal Assets is the highest rated and the most reputable company.

The reason I chose Regal Assets is because of their outstanding reputation,low and flat IRA fee and professional non pushy representatives,who were willing to answer my questions… John

  • BBB Rating

  • aAccording to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) site, Regal Assets, LLC has fulfilled BBB accreditation standards and has a BBB rating of A+. This is a business certification that’s not easy to get.

  • BCA Rating

  • aaaBesides the BBB, I visited the Business Consumer Alliance (BCA) website and found that Regal Assets has a rating of AAA based on factors such as government actions, consumer complaints, and comments about business practices. This is another plus for this firm.

  • Trustlink Review

  • 5-starsAnother site that I visited is the Trust Link site and it shows that consumers have submitted 950 reviews, ratings, and complaints. The first page contains mostly favorable Regal Assetsreviews. In fact, most reviewers say they found Regal Assets’ Collin Plume helpful. However, I faced difficulties while hunting for at least a negative review on that site, refreshing the Trust Link’s pages to access reviews posted earlier than December 2015 was challenging. This could be due to faulty webpage refresh code or something else.

Comedian Dennis Miller isn’t laughing when he says :

 “The only company I trust with the process is Regal Assets.”

More on their Online Reputation

Along with these shining reviews Regal Assets enjoys a sturdy online reputation

It is also worth noting that most of the reviewers are actually first time precious metals investors.Almost all of the reviews I saw on trustlink.org have five stars with the exception of one three-star review.

 I also discovered that Regal Assets had so many happy clients voting on :

BCA Verified Customer Reviews :5 Stars(56 Reviews)
Yelp :5 Stars (1 Review)
Trustlink :5 Stars(950+ Reviews)
Yellow Pages :5 Stars(12 reviews)
Insiderpages.com :5 Stars(9 reviews)
Citysearch :5 Stars(12 reviews)
Google+ :5 Stars(3 reviews)
Kudzu.com :5 Stars(7 reviews)

What’s more, I found an article published by, a reputable media outfit on June 24, 2013 Forbes Magazine, that recommends using Regal Assets to invest in precious metals. Inc500 also selected RA as the 20th fastest growing company in 2013.Can you now imagine where their success started from!

Actor Alan Thicke
“Regal Assets is one of the most trusted precious metals dealers in America.”

Regal Assets Complaints

While digging for information online, I found several negative reviews.

For instance, I came across a review published by Ripoffreport.com on November 23, 2013 accusing Regal Assets of engaging in deceptive advertising and failing to respect clients’ investment decisions.

Another reviewer in a post published on the same site on April 22, 2014 accuses Regal Assets of paying for positive endorsements on more than 200 websites and fronting fake five star reviews.

I also stumbled across a few unfavorable reviews on Complaintsboard.com. One reviewer declared that Regal Assets has figured the magic codes of gaming search engine results like google, Bings and yahoo search although no evidence was provided to prove those claims.

complaint4But we all understand the degree & efforts business competitors deployed to outplay a successful Brand in their Niche.

In contrast, the BBB revealed that it has not received any advertising/sales, billing/collection, product/service, delivery, or guarantee/warranty complaints reports related to Regal Assets in the last 12 months.

The BCA also states that it has received zero Regal Assets complaints in the last 3 years. This raises questions about the authenticity of the various complaints posted just on a single website that is not accredited. With this in mind, failure to register complaints with reputable bodies such as the BBB or BCA does not necessarily absolve Regal Assets of the alleged improprieties. Nevertheless, I believe the burden of proof is on consumers who post negative reviews to provide concrete evidence to support their claims so that they can help other potential IRA gold investors from being Vulnerable.


I phoned Regal Assets to see how they can help me with my investment.Their customer service was excellent and I was assigned to a personal account executive to assist me .He explained things in terms that I could understand like how to turn my existing 401k to a gold and silver IRA which I was excited to do.I also purchased some additional gold and silver ,and they were delivered on time and right to my door.It was a wonderful feeling. Scott Hunter

Rolling Over with Regal Assets

How it works

The process is extremely simple and straight forward, you will be assigned an account manager who will be working with you step by step through the entire rollover process.

First, fill out the IRA SET UP FORM provided by Regal Assets on this page : https://www.regalassets.com/account-setup/ .

Upon filling out the form, a dedicated account executive will contact you for confirmation. Then, send you all the IRA paperwork required for signature via e-mail. The whole process is done electronically, so there is no need for you to print or fax anything. Isn’t this an effortless way of Investing?

Within 24 hours of signing the paperwork, a new IRA account will be setup for you. Once this done, you will be notified of your account details via e-mail.

Regal Assets IRA team instantly starts the work for you by getting in contact with your current custodian and moving the requested funds into the new IRA account Without physically involving you in the whole process.

You can be sure to be up to date on the status of your Rollover at any point. Regal Assets will take you through the process through daily calls or e-mails throughout every step of the IRA transfer process

Once the funds are available in your new IRA, your manager will get in touch with you and start walking you through the different types of metals allowed for your position.

You can be rest assured to get astute guidance on the best combination of metals for your most safety and long term profits.

After you lock up the prices and fund your account, your metals will typically be shipped to Brinks or your chosen vault within 7 business days.

401(k), 403(b), 457, Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs and Self-Directed-IRAs

Time is of great essence & this largely Depend on your current custodian, the whole rollover process at Regal Assets normally takes between 7 to 10 business days.

Regal Assets use New Direction IRA as their main Custodian.

New Direction IRA, Inc has over thirteen years of cognate experience in the IRA industry and is based in Louisville, Colorado. This reputable firm specialize in providing administrative custodial services for self-directed IRAs and other types of retirement accounts. At the time of this review, NDIRA is BBB accredited and has the highest possible BBB Rating of A+, and 0 closed complaints in the past 12 months of business operation.
You can wisely invest in gold assets by rolling over your entire 401(k) to a gold IRA. However, you need a reliable and highly trusted Gold IRA firm such as https://www.regalassets.com that’s endorsed by numerous global independent bodies like Forbes, Inc500 to help you roll over your 401(k) as well as advice you on the best gold investments available on the market at any point in time.

Our Call Experience with Regal Assets LLC

The famous Colin Plume answered the call. He was precisely as described in the Trustlink website by satisfied clients.

Colin gave the time to listen to our requests, and addressed all our questions with high level of expertise and professionalism. This guy truly knows his onions, very friendly throughout the whole conversation which took about twenty minutes, and it was really a great phone experience.

First thing he asked was if my 401k was with my current employer or previous employer.

He said he could walk me through the process and then asked if I had ever bought precious metals before. I said that I had not and that I had concerns with tax penalties.
He said he had been doing this for 10 years – IRA roll overs, transfers – and the company has been in business for 15 years handling between 100 – 150 accounts per month.
He assured me that there would be no problem since he will be moving it from one qualified account to another and just changing what the investment was, from paper to metals. I would have my own precious metals that would be stored in a highly secure depository vault and would be segregated with its own shelf and its own serial number.
Here are more details from this call:

Are there any Tax Penalties Involved in Rolling this over?

None since it would just be a roll over or transfer, moving it from a 401k into a self-directed IRA.

Are there investment risks involved?

Same risks as any other investment depending on the market. The stability of Gold is a great factor that helps to mitigate the level of risk in this industry, unlike other investment where an investor can

put in money this year and lose everything the following year. We are at a 7 year low for gold and an 8 year low for silver.

What metals would you suggest?

Most people buy gold or silver as they are the most popular. I’m not a big fan of putting all my eggs in just one single basket. In the last 60 days some of my clients have been buying platinum which is at a pretty low point and it is pretty rare. It is the rarest of any precious metal allowed in an IRA.

Rule of thumb is that gold is pretty stable as a currency in the world. Other metals tend to be a little more volatile.

What is your company’s gold price?

There are thousands of different coins that you could purchase. Spot price for gold today is $1070. Spot price for silver is $13.78. That is the mining cost.

How long is the roll over process?

We have an IRA team in place and we can get started pretty Fast. I can get you an account number with our custodian within a day. All of our paperwork is electronic. The only thing that takes time is your current custodian.
We would have to call them with you on the phone in order to get them to send the money over to us. Typically a 401k takes usually about 7 business days. Once the funds are in place, the metals can be purchased the same day.

Where would the metals be stored?

There are two major depositors in the US that everyone uses. The Delaware Depository and Brinks in Salt Lake City. We have been using Brinks for the past 4 years because they have been able to offer us the ability to segregate everyone’s metal.
Once the metals are shipped to Brinks, they open up the boxes – on video – they weigh it, authenticate it to make sure it is exactly what you purchased. The other depository does not do that.

What are the set up fees?

The depository fee is $150 annually to store the metals. That includes insurance, auditing and maintenance.

The custodian, New Direction, charges $100 annually to make sure that when the money is moved over it is done correctly and to monitor and send you statements of your investment

We have a promotion where we will waive the first 12 months for the depository fee and the custodian fee for a total of $250.

The only fee you will pay is my commission fee to purchase the metal. The industry standard fee is between 7 – 12%. My fee is 7% to purchase gold and silver. That is a one-time flat fee.

When you close your account, there is a $100 fee from the custodian to close the account.

If you ever want to move your metals, there is a distribution fee which would be the shipping costs involved.

Can I track my account online?

Yes. New Direction has it online and they update it every day.

How can I get support?

You can call New Direction or call me.  Part of my commission includes support from me.

We also have a very strict buy back policy.  If you ever want to sell back your metals to us, we do not charge a commission for that.

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Company Pros

Highest rated precious metals IRA Company. With a BBB rating of A+, BCA rating of AAA and a Trustlink rating of Five stars based on more than 850 positive reviews, Regal Assets stands at the realm of Gold rollover Companies in USA
Widespread reputation of trust and expertise given proof by glowing reviews all around the internet.
In-house IRA department who will work for you professionally, deliver you from any hassles you may encounter when dealing with other gold dealers that only sell the metals.
Note: The only moment you will be required to be involve throughout the rollover process is during the conference call, when your custodian will need confirmation from you to approve funds transfer.
They offer a fully Segregated Gold Storage at the Brinks of Salt Lake, which guarantees your metals are not commingled with others’ possessions, and that you can take full ownership of them anytime you wish.
IRA Setup is free of charge.
They have a flat and cheap IRA storage and Admin fees.
They will waive your first year’s dues altogether.
You will meet with expert agents who will welcome you in a friendly manner and answer all your questions with clarity and expertise.
Ship metals within seven business days with a guarantee to compensate you with a 1oz silver American Eagle if they are one day late.
Expect ongoing professional support.
Don’t Miss your Chance of Working with an IRA custodian with Impeccable Customer Service !

Company Cons

IRA admin and storage Fees higher than only one company; Fortress Gold
Runs advertisement through Affiliate program which may not please to some investors.

My Final Thoughts on Regal Assets Review

If you are looking forward to invest in precious metals today, then you need to do your due-diligence and handover your business to a Gold IRA firm that Top Stakeholders in the industry Trusted.
Final Thoughts
During the past three years, I have been following the Gold IRA industry with a close watch, and I haven’t seen one company growing a solid reputation with the highest trust signals such as Regal Assets, they are the premiere gold IRA dealers in USA today, with an A+ rating from BBB, and the highest number of positive customer reviews, you only stand a chance of missing a lot if you don’t deal with Regal Assets today.

Help other investors by sharing your sincere Experience with any of the firm we have reviewed here or other ones you are currently using. Do share your GOLD IRA investment opinion with us, we need valuable and revealing feedback about how these investors are performing at any point in time so that we can offer clear-cut guidance to potential investors.
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