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Regal Assets Review

Regal Assets Review

Regal Assets was founded in 2003, and has quickly established a top-notch reputation among America’s gold dealers due to their exceptional customer service and their 99% client’s satisfaction.

The company specializes in offering superlative assistance to investors for the seamless transfer and fast rollover of their IRA/401ks into IRS’ approved precious metals, you can also buy/sell physical bullion or get yourself a Bitcoin IRA with Regal.

In this review we cover the company profile and go through their pros and cons in an attempt to help you decide if this is a company that merits your trust.

Regal Assets Ratings

 The company has been a BBB proud member since 2009 and has absolutely no complaints on its profile. Not with delivery, billing, advertising, sales, or issues with the precious metals. No one has anything bad to say. As for the final grade, Regal Assets get an A+ from the BBB

Regal Assets’s dedication to highest quality customer service shows in their Top AAA Rating from the Business Consumer Alliance, which has received no complaints about the company since 2009

Regal Assets has a (very rare) 5-star rating from Trustlink based on no fewer than 1004 customer reviews, virtually all of which express the highest praise and satisfaction

Regal Assets has won the trust and recognition of hundreds of satisfied clients in so many authority review boards :

BCA Verified Customers :5 Stars  56 Reviews
Yellow Pages :5 Stars  12 reviews :5 Stars  9 reviews
Citysearch :5 Stars  12 reviews
Google+ :5 Stars  3 reviews :5 Stars  7 reviews

Regal Assets Complaints

While digging for accurate information about Regal Assets, we came across three negative reviews.

For instance,  a review published by on November 23, 2013 accusing Regal Assets of engaging in deceptive advertising and failure to respect clients’ investment decisions.Résultat de recherche d'images pour

Another reviewer in a post published on the same site on April 22, 2014 accuses Regal Assets of paying for positive endorsements on more than 200 websites and fronting fake five star reviews.

On one reviewer declared that Regal Assets has figured the magic codes of gaming search engine results like google, Bings and yahoo search although no evidence was provided to prove those claims.

But we all understand the degree & efforts business competitors deployed to outplay a successful Brand in their Niche.

In contrast, the BBB revealed that it has not received any advertising/sales, billing/collection, product/service, delivery, or guarantee/warranty complaints reports related to Regal Assets in the last 12 months.

The BCA also states that it has received zero Regal Assets complaints in the last 3 years.

This raises questions about the authenticity of the various complaints posted just on a single website that is not accredited. With this in mind, failure to register complaints with reputable bodies such as the BBB or BCA does not necessarily absolve Regal Assets of the alleged improprieties.

Nevertheless, we believe the burden of proof is on consumers who post negative reviews to provide concrete evidence to support their claims so that they can help other potential IRA gold investors from being Vulnerable

Our Phone Call Experience with Regal Assets

The famous Colin Plume answered the call. He was precisely as described in the Trustlink website by satisfied clients.

Colin gave the time to listen to our requests, and addressed all our questions with high level of expertise and professionalism.

This guy truly knows his onions, very friendly throughout the whole conversation which took about twenty minutes, and it was really a great phone experience.

First thing he asked was if my 401k was with my current employer or previous employer.

He said he could walk me through the process and then asked if I had ever bought precious metals before. I said that I had not and that I had concerns with tax penalties.
He said he had been doing this for 10 years – IRA roll overs, transfers – and the company has been in business for 15 years handling between 100 – 150 accounts per month.
He assured me that there would be no problem since he will be moving it from one qualified account to another and just changing what the investment was, from paper to metals.

I would have my own precious metals that would be stored in a highly secure depository vault and would be segregated with its own shelf and its own serial number

Here are more details from this call

None since it would just be a roll over or transfer, moving it from a 401k into a self-directed IRA

Same risks as any other investment depending on the market. The stability of Gold is a great factor that helps to mitigate the level of risk in this industry, unlike other investment where an investor can

put in money this year and lose everything the following year. We are at a 7 year low for gold and an 8 year low for silver

Most people buy gold or silver as they are the most popular. I’m not a big fan of putting all my eggs in just one single basket. In the last 60 days some of my clients have been buying platinum which is at a pretty low point and it is pretty rare. It is the rarest of any precious metal allowed in an IRA.

Rule of thumb is that gold is pretty stable as a currency in the world. Other metals tend to be a little more volatile

We have an IRA team in place and we can get started pretty Fast. I can get you an account number with our custodian within a day. All of our paperwork is electronic. The only thing that takes time is your current custodian.
We would have to call them with you on the phone in order to get them to send the money over to us. Typically a 401k takes usually about 7 business days. Once the funds are in place, the metals can be purchased the same day

There are two major depositors in the US that everyone uses. The Delaware Depository and Brinks in Salt Lake City. We have been using Brinks for the past 4 years because they have been able to offer us the ability to segregate everyone’s metal.
Once the metals are shipped to Brinks, they open up the boxes – on video – they weigh it, authenticate it to make sure it is exactly what you purchased. The other depository does not do that

The depository fee is $150 annually to store the metals. That includes insurance, auditing and maintenance.

The custodian, New Direction, charges $100 annually to make sure that when the money is moved over it is done correctly and to monitor and send you statements of your investment

We have a promotion where we will waive the first 12 months for the depository fee and the custodian fee for a total of $250.

If you ever want to move your metals, there is a distribution fee which would be the shipping costs involved

Yes. New Direction has it online and they update it every day

You can call New Direction or call me.  Part of my commission includes support from me.

We also have a very strict buy back policy.  If you ever want to sell back your metals to us, we do not charge a commission for that.

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Company Pros

  • Highest rated precious metals IRA Company. With a BBB rating of A+, BCA rating of AAA and a Trustlink rating of Five stars based on more than 1004 positive reviews, Regal Assets stands at the realm of Gold rollover Companies in USA

  • Widespread reputation of trust and expertise given proof by glowing reviews all around the internet

  • In-house IRA department who will work for you professionally, deliver you from any hassles you may encounter when dealing with other gold dealers that only sell the metals

  • The only moment you will be required to be involve throughout the rollover process is during the conference call, when your custodian will need confirmation from you to approve funds transfer

  • They offer a fully Segregated Gold Storage at the Brinks of Salt Lake, which guarantees your metals are not commingled with others’ possessions, and that you can take full ownership of them anytime you wish

  • IRA Setup is free of charge

  • They have a flat and cheap IRA storage and Admin fees

  • They will waive your first year’s dues altogether

  • You will meet with expert agents who will welcome you in a friendly manner and answer all your questions with clarity and expertise

  • Ship metals within seven business days with a guarantee to compensate you with a 1oz silver American Eagle if they are one day late

  • Expect ongoing professional support

Company Cons

  • Runs advertisement through Affiliate program which may not please to some investors

The Bottom Line

During the past three years, We have been following the Gold IRA industry with a close watch, and we haven’t seen a company growing a solid reputation with the highest trust signals such as Regal Assets, they are the premiere gold IRA dealers in USA today, with an A+ rating from BBB, and the highest number of positive customer reviews, you only stand a chance of missing a lot if you don’t deal with Regal Assets today.

Regal Assets is one of the most trusted precious metal dealers in America

Alan Thicke

The only company I trust with the process is Regal Assets

Dennis Miller

Do yourself a favor, do it today call Regal Assets

Jerry Doyle

Do your research and request your free investment kit from Regal Assets

Laura Ingraham

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Regal Assets FAQ

Open your Regal Assets Gold IRA today with one simple online application.

By bringing the custodian, dealer, and storage facility together under one roof, Regal has simplified the process so your experience will be seamless. Enjoy the security of precious metals with the technology and ease that simply make sense—all just a few mouse-clicks away.

But as always, Regal Assets are here to walk you through any question you may have.

Call toll free 888-667-4563 Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. PST.

Fast, simple, and secure. A precious metals specialist will review your application and contact you via email within one business day.

A. By completing an account application , you will be simultaneously establishing a new IRA account and a purchasing and storage account.

A. Call 888-667-4563 to speak to Collin Plume,he’ll be more than happy to answer all your questions.

A.For purchases outside of your retirement account Regal Assets accepts four payment methods; personal check, cashier’s check, money order or a bank wire.

A: Definitely! In fact there is a larger list of precious metals available for you outside retirement accounts which can cost a lot less and give you a bigger advantage on your portfolio. All precious metals you may want to buy outside your retirement account are delivered to your front door fully insured and typically arrive within 7 business days from the time your account funds.

A. First year dues.

$100.00 – First Year Administration Fee (Waived)

 $30.00 – Overnight Mail (Waived)

$25.00 – Bank Wire Fee (Waived)

$150.00 – First Year Storage Fee (Waived)

$150.00– Fully Insured Metals Delivery (Waived)

Subsequent year dues.

$100.00 – Annual Administration Fee (Flat Fee)

$150.00 – Annual Storage Fee (Flat Fee)

* For all retirement accounts the fees are flat and will not scale up based on the value of your precious metal retirement account.

A. Yes, you may take delivery at any time. Delivery is considered a distribution and may have tax consequences. You should consult with your tax advisor before requesting a delivery.

A. Your account manager will help you get only the metals approved for ownership by an IRA, eliminating any chance that you will inadvertently buy bars or coins inappropriate to be held in an IRA.

A. Yes, you can open a new IRA Account with a contribution. Your annual contribution limit remains the same.

A. Yes! Regal Assets will assist you with this process. Both a transfer and a rollover typically take one to two weeks to complete, as funds need to be transferred from your existing IRA custodian to NDIRA.

To learn more about IRA transfers, rollovers, and converting your existing 401k or 403b to Regal Assets Gold IRA, click here.

A. The minimum amount required to establish your Regal Assets Gold IRA is $5000;however,there are still many packages available to suit you on any investment budget.

Knighthood Package $10,000.

Legacy Portfolio $25,000.

Kingship Portfolio $50,000.

Dynasty Portfolio $100,000.

Coronation Portfolio $250,000 +.

A. Yes, you can have as many IRA’s as you want. However, your total annual contribution limit remains the same despite of how many plans you have.

A: Unfortunately not. The government considers gold and other metals as cash since they can be sold anywhere in the world with ease. All precious metal IRA accounts are held in a private depository of your choice that you can visit personally anytime you like. While your metals are being stored for your retirement account they are fully insured by the Lloyds of London.

A. Yes. Regal offers Segregated storage in Singapore .

Getting your gold in and out of the country is easy to do with Regal.

Precious Metals throughout Asia are still highly valued at a cultural level and not seen as some archaic monetary instrument like they are by many in the West.

A. In most cases, applications are approved within 24 hours of completion. In some instances, Regal may need additional information. In that case, your account manager will contact you and help with the additional information required.

Once your application has been accepted, you will receive an email with funding instructions from your account manager.

Once your account has been funded, you may start purchasing IRA approved precious metals and storing them on your convenience.

A. Regal Assets offers Traditional, Roth, SEP, 403b,TSP and 401k’s for your convenience

A. Yes. The New Direction IRA, a well-known IRA administrator, will provide the required administration and keep your funds in trust for you. Metals will be stored at approved Regal Assets’ vaults in the Brinks of New York Salt Lake City, or and Singapore.

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